Welcome to the new world of e-learning in your college. This portal page is going to introduce you to interact with your lecture content for the next day. It is initiated by government of Uttar Pradesh that each college should start e-learning from this session onwards. J. V. Jain College Saharanpur is always eager to adopt new and exciting opportunities and try to complete the task honestly. From this session we are going to introduce e-lecture content from the following departments. We hope that you will be benefited by our effort and give your feedback to us.   

E-Lecture by Faculty of Law

  • Dr Ashok Kumar Sharma
  • Dr Vivek Agarwal
  • Dr. M. Feroj
  • Dr. Manisha Saini

E-Lecture by Faculty of Education

  • Dr Dinesh Kumar Sharma
  • Dr Poonam Sharma
  • Dr Subhra Chaturvedi
  • Dr Sanjeev Tomar
  • Dr Neeta Kaushik
  • Dr Dharmendra
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