Department of English

From little acorns grow mighty oaks’ holds true for the Department of English. Since its inception in the year 1957, it has come of age and its mighty boughs have sheltered many from the rains, sunshine and thunder, borne fruit and like the  proverbial laurel tree blooms and blossoms unabated. Since Rome was not built in a day, so this department too was the culmination of a life long struggle, dedication and selfless service of many intellectual wizards. It was owing to their efforts that this department was deemed as the best department in the then Agra University before its affiliation to C.C.S. University, Meerut.

The grandeur of the Department rubbed on its students and they shone like meteors, blazing forth with talent and vivacity. Students like S.P.S. Pundir, Subodh Lal and K.P. Mathur headed towards administrative services while a flood of politicians also like Mahabir Rana, Surender Kapil, Jagdish Rana, Virender Thakur , Mahendra Bhalla came out of this Department. Kanwaljit Singh, the T.V. cine star entered the threshold of the Department, but was invented by FTII Pune to explore wider horizons. Another product  of this Department Dr. Ramesh Dutt (Ex. H.O.D. History) enthralled the audiences by his mellifluous voice and had been a singing sensation. A long list of position holders in the University exams with the Dean office testifies Department’s claim of all round progress.

Much water has flown under this bridge since then. The painting gallery of the past holds gems who were majestic not only in their lives but equally illustrious in their doings. The invaluable services they rendered to the college and society are beyond praise. The present incumbents are working incessantly on the foundations laid down by their ancestors and sparing no efforts to take this department to its pristine glory and unprecedented heights.

May God help us in our endeavour. Amen.

Department’s Progress at a Glance In Recent Years  

Books Published                                                                                     5

(i)                 Dr. S.K. Singhal                                                                      2

(ii)               Dr. Anil Verma                                                                        1

(iii)             Dr. Mamta Singhal                                                                  2

No. Of Ph.D. Awarded                                                                         57

(i)                 Under the Supervision of Dr. Anil Verma                         36

(ii)               Under the Supervision of Dr. Mamta Singhal                   13

(iii)             Under the Supervision of Dr. Indu Sharma                        8

NO. Of Ph.D. Submitted/enrolled

Under the supervision of Dr. Indu Sharma

(i)                 Submitted                                                                                 4

(ii)               Registered                                                                                  3

 No. Of  M.Phil. Awarded

(i)                 Under the supervision of Dr. Mamta Singhal                   01

(ii)               Under the supervision of Dr. Indu Sharma                       02

Research papers published

(a)    Dr. Mamta Singhal                                                                              12

(b)   Dr. Indu Sharma                                                                                   04

(c)    Dr. Reshma Devi                                                                                  04


Seminars/Conference/Workshop attended                                 18

Dr.   Mamta Singhal 7 2 9
Dr.   Indu Sharma 2 1 3
Dr.   Ruchi Verma 0 2 2
Dr.   Reshma Chaudhray 2 2 4



Faculty Members

1. Dr. (Smt.) Mamta Singhal, Prof. & Head
2. Dr. (Smt.) Indu Sharma, Associate Prof.
3. Dr. (Smt.) Reshma Singh, Associate Prof.