Department of History

J. V. Jain College was established in 1955 and the department of History was one of pioneering department of the College. Since then department is contributing towards college academic, research and extracurricular activities.

In the last five year, eight students were awarded Ph.D. degree under the supervision of Dr. Ramesh Dutt( Ex H.O.D.) and ten students have qualified U.G.C eligibility test NET. Department’s teachers have constantly participated in the research work. Dr. Shashi Nautiyal have attended five national seminars and annual sessions of Indian history congress and Indian historical studies. She has published four research papers. Dr. Neha has attended one international and one national seminar. Dr. Seema Chaudhary has published seven research papers, attended five national seminars and one international seminar. Besides research work, faculty members are contributing actively in university examination admission and extra curricular activities. They have been the part of C.C.S. University’s evaluation work and of other universities like H.M.V.N., Shri Nagar, Agra, Bareilly, Kumaun University Nainital. They have served as expert and to other works as assigned by the C.C.S. University  from time to time four times , the history department was adjusted as the best department of college by the college administration. Two of our students- Neha and Seema have joined as regular teachers in the History Department of the college through the selection by U.P. higher education commission. Three PG students have participated in National Level essay competition held by C.C.S. University and one of them has won the prize. The main aim of faculty members is to bring out the best in students.

Faculty Members: Department of History                                                                                                                


1. Dr. (Smt.) Shashi Nautiyal, Prof. & Head
2. Dr. (Smt.) Neha, Associate Prof.
3. Dr. (Smt.) Seema Chaudhary, Associate Prof.
4. Vacant