Department of Geology

Geology is a natural science, drawing on a mixture of physical and biological science.

Department of Geology was established in1967 at J.V.Jain College, Saharanpur under CCS, University Meerut U.P. The main aim behind for the establishment of this subject is to impart education in the field of earth sciences. Moreover, its importance and application in different fields.

This is the only department in CCS University Meerut, which imparts education in Geology.  This is an Undergraduate Department along with three years of B.Sc. pass course.

Every year after Graduation, large numbers of students qualify the entrance exams from other universities for pursuing the post graduation in geology to apply for Applied Geology and M.Tech. in  GeoPhysics.

Geological excursion is conducted every year for B.Sc.II and III students.  This tour is mandatory for all students. We take students to different geological sites in India. They study in the field, collect samples, take photographs of the site  and prepare tour reports,  which is submitted in the department  at the time of final practical examination. Viva  voice takes place from their tour report.

We evaluate students by giving them assignments on different topics of their syllabus. We discuss the topic in the class among the students and instruct them to submit the written assignment to the department. Students show their interest and participate actively.

From the last three years we have been conducting guest lectures on different topics of Geology. We are inviting pioneer and eminent speakers.

In 2010 -11 session we organize a talk on “Plate Tectonics” . The talk was delivered by Dr. A.K. Awasthi, Prof. Emirates, Department of  Earth Sciences Roorkee University, Roorkee. He covers the basic concept of Plate Tectonics, its causes and occurrence. He discussed the root cause reason of all disaster was plate Tectonics. His lecture was very informative and well content. In the last he gave answers of student queries. Which was very interesting.

In 2011- 12. We invite Dr. A.K.Biyani , Prof. DBS College Dehradun to speak on topic entitled” GROUND WATER CONSERVATION”  This lecture started with a glimpse of ground water situation all over the India. The main focus was in western part of  U.P.  and how some patches of shallow water zone comes under in saline. He gave the concept of conservation, augmentation,  demand and supply side of management for groundwater. This lecturer provided us the vivid scenario of the average falling of ground water table in the seven district of U,P.  This lecture provided us the remedial measures of ground water as well as surface water management too.  And in the last he cited few examples and showed us slide of  successful implementation of rainwater  harvesting and artificial recharge structure of  President estate, shramshakti bhawan, JNU, IIT, Sanjay van Project etc which is very interesting.

In 2012 -13 Department organize lecture on  ROLE OF HIMALAYAS IN DEFINING INDIAN WEATHER delivered by  Dr.R.P.Joshi Professor DBS, College of Dehradun. He start with climate change. Further he  discussed the dynamic changes of Himalayan region and how temperature increases constantly from last 30 years and precipitation decreases. Ablation (the zone of metling) increases in comparison to zone of accumulation. Students find this lecture very interesting and informative.


Presently  Dr. Poonam Khare Heading, the Department of Geology,  J. V. Jain College Saharanpur, U.P. since 2005. She was appointed from U.P. Higher Education Commission Allahabad, U.P.

She was in academics for past 16 years.  She had been teaching Geology to undergraduate level students.  Her  first teaching assignment was in P.P.N  PG college , Kanpur. Where she  got the responsibility to teach  all the papers in Geology .

 As regards, her educational qualifications.  she had done Post Graduation with I st  Div and  securing  III rd position in University. Thereafter,  she did  M.Phil with I st  Div and I st position and  Ph.D  from Vikram Univerity Ujjain.  M.P. Her research area is Hydrogeology  with Remote Sensing and GIS. Besides teaching,  she has handled all kinds of academic, administrative and other extracurricular activities like admission, examination work, paper setting of CCS university Meerut and other Universiies, evaluation, practical examination , assignments and study tours etc. She is also appointed as a Convenor for Geology in CCS University Meerut.

She has  done Post Graduate Diploma in Remote Sensing from Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) Dehradun and Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE) from Indira Gandhi National Open University. (IGNOU), New Delhi. During diploma in remote sensing, she learnt about exploration of  natural resources like mineral coal petroleum etc using remote sensing techniques. She has completed  Orientation and  Refresher course in Environmental Sciences from Jawarah lal Nehru University (JNU)  New Delhi with A Grade.

She has  attended several International and National  seminars workshops and training programmes and have published number of papers in reputed national and international journals and conference proceedings.

Recently she has  written a paper on  Development and Management Strategy of Ground water Resource,   Role of  Rainwater Harvesting  Structures in Ground water Resource , Chemical Quality Delineation of Groundwater for Domestic and Drinking Application and   Strengthening Economic ties between India and ASEAN – A Geological Perspective. Focussing on the scope and role of geology in  strengthening the  economic ties among  India  and various ASEAN nations.

Another faculty of Geology Department is Dr. Pooja Sharma working under Mandayay  since Dec 2006 . She has 15 years of teaching experience . She got Ph.D degree in may 2005. Her major research areas are Geomorphology and Environmental Studies. Two years of teaching  and evaluation experience in IGNOU. She has attended workshops  on Remote Sensing  and ‘DE – mystifying GIS’. Presented one International  Paper on “Mineral Resource and Trade Relations between India and ASEAN” at International Seminar on Economic Cultural and Political Viability of ASEAN in Global Environment, held  at J.V. Jain College, Saharanpur. Participated in National Educational Summit -2014, held at Ghandi nagar, Gujarat.

 Apart from teaching she has actively participated in administrative activities, six years experience of Proctorial board and presently working as a member of anti ragging cell. Engaged in evaluation in CCS University merut  and IGNOU.She is a life member of Alumni  Association

 Faculty Members:

1. Dr. Poonam Khare, Assistant Prof. & Head
2. Dr. Pooja Sharma Assistant Prof.(On Mandey)