Information Centre


               It is established for the student’s benefit by college in 2008 and  inaugurated by the  Professor S.K.Kak, Honourable Vice Chancellor, C.C.S.University, Meerut, in the presence of Dr. R.R.Azad (Principal) and Shri Ashok Kumar Jain (Secretary, Managing Committee) on dated 30.11.2008.

The Information Centre (IC) is a specialized unit providing collectively information to the students. It receives the information relating to the students from the different departments of the college and forward to the printed media news papers as well as to the students for the beneficial to the students. All the press release about the programmes like cultural, sports activities , viva-voce exams , admissions, main exams (internal, external and yearly) etc related to the students and about  the college forward by PRO to  publishing in different news papers. A land line number (0132 760218) of the information centre is given, any student or their parents can get information relating to the programmes in the college through the phone.  Any student can get information service is available college time from 10 AM to 5 PM. Thus the Centre provides a service with considerable student benefits. The aim of the information centre is to help to providing all information to the students without troubling. The aim is to make information sharing more quick and effective. Designed with the purpose of making the college processes as transparent as possible, it aims to provide up to date information relating to the departments and administration of the college. It aims to provide the information about the upcoming seminars, events, conferences and lectures being held across the departments of the college and forwarding to the printing media.

                 Dr. Hari Om Gupta—–Dy. PRO

                                                 Public Relation Officer—– Dr. Mamta Singhal