Equal Opportunity Cell

Equal Opportunity Cell of J.V. Jain College, Saharanpur was set up in January, 2016. Indian Society is divided on the basis of caste, religion and many other basis. These social inequalities created the barriers of denial of access to material, cultural and educational resources to the marginalised groups of Indian Society. A large section of indian society consists of such disadvantaged groups like SCs, STs, OBC, Women and physically challenged persons. Since higher education is a tool for social and economic equality, UGC has been addressing national concerns of access, equality, while ensuring the standard of quality and relevance of education by implementing policies of the government of India and promoting several schemes and programmes for the disadvantaged groups that would help in eliminating social disparities. With this purpose Equal Opportunity Centres are established in the college.

Equal Opportunity Cell of the college functions to create socially congenial atmosphere for the growth of healthy interpersonal relationships among the students coming from various social backgrounds. It is working to look into grievances of the students of weaker section of society and suggest amicable solution to their problems. The Equal Opportunity Cell of the college is working to disseminate the information related to schemes and programmes for the welfare of students of marginalised groups. It aims to make the college environment secure, accessible and friendly for the differently abled students.

Following are the members of E.O.C. of the college –

1. Dr. Shashi Nautiyal, Dept. of History – Convener

2. Dr. A.K. Jain – Dept. of Commerce – Member

3. Dr. Vandana Ruhela – Dept. of Sanskrit – Member

4. Dr. B.P. Singh – Dept. of Mathematics – Member

5. Dr. Rakesh Chandra – Dept. of Hindi – Member

Events conducted by E.O.C.  –

Since its inception in Jan, 2016, Equal Opportunity Cell of the college has organised the following programmes to make students aware of the various facilties provided by the government –

1. An Awareness Programme was conducted on 18th March, 2016 in Career Counselling Cell in which speaker Mr. Yash Verma, District Backward Class Officer informed students of the various scholarships provided by the Social Welfare Dept. of the State.

2. On 30th April, 2016, E.O.C. organised a programme which was addressed by Mr. S.P. Sharma, District Employment Officer who gave information regarding coaching facility provided for SC/ST, OBC, Divyang to prepare for the competitive exams.

3. An Essay Competition was organised on 28th August, 2016 in Room No. 19 by E.O.C. on the topics –

4. G.K. Quiz was held for the students of the college on 28th Nov., 2016.

5. A Lecture on “Road Safety for Divyangs” was held in Conference Hall of the College on 29th Nov., 2016 in which SP Traffic of Saharanpur gave tips of Road Safety to Divyang Students.